Today the world is going on internet technology. ole777 เครดิตฟรี This world is changing every second. The creators create new online games. Online games mostly are played by youngsters and adults. The online gaming craze is very high and the craze of the physical game is some little bit going down. Physical games give benefits but you play online games only for your fun, in long term it does not give you more benefits. You can play online games in a short time for entertainment. If you play online games for a long time, thatmeans you are addicted. As we all know gaming is very beneficial for us and our health. But attention here, the word ‘gaming’ is used for physical gaming, not for online gaming. This is so because physical gaming makes your health better, reduces diseases related to your mind and your body, improves your immunity, entertains you, etc. Online and physical gaming requires hard work. This is not beneficial to play online gaming. If you are not addicted to online games, this is beneficial for you.

  1. Health:

Physical games improve your health and body. It grows your body powers. You can easily beat anyone in real life. Your mind starts to think big and takes action fast. Physical games make you strong. If you play physical games then the chances of getting diseases will get reduced in your future. Online games are good for a short time but not for the long term without any occupation. If you play the games online in the long term then your health gets side effects like diseases overweight, mental depression, etc. because you are not moving your body. After a long time, you will get addicted to online games. If you playing short time online games, your mental condition will not get affected.             

  • Entertainment:

Online games and physical games give you entertainment. Physical games attach you to your friends and make your expression and friendship better. Both give you a lot of entertainment but online gaming may be harmful to you and your eyes. You start to get low entertainment in online gaming. You can make a future in online gaming and physical gaming. Online games are made only for entertainment. Physical and online games give a smile to your face and happiness.

  • Money:

If you play physical games you can win a different type of prize and lots of money. Physical games in different places arrange games tournaments and you can participate in and you win a prize. If your skills are very good you are going on a high-level position. If you like a lot of online games, you make your professional online games and you make money on platform like ole777 and other. You show your talent with gaming and making your future. You can show your talent to your real-life friend. You can play games online and easily make money. You can make money in both physical and online gaming. Online gaming is growing in comparison to physical gaming. The clock of time has changed and the online gaming industry is growing rapidly.